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Even though you've paid income tax all your life, part of what you have left still isn't yours. That's because the government also places a tax on your right to keep what you've earned. It's called Estate Tax. You may not be familiar with it, because you've never died.

You spend a lifetime building an estate. You owe little or no money at all. Yet the day you die you may owe hundreds of thousands - even millions - of dollars in estate taxes. You cannot deed your entire estate to your family. You will deed it to Uncle Sam and your family. And Uncle Sam will come first, and your family will come second. You've spent a lifetime building your estate. Uncle Sam will take it apart in one day' Our business is creating money to help people solve problems like this. The Tool we use is life insurance. We are continually searching for new products, and new ways to use existing products, to help solve our client's problems. When the solution to a problem requires money, there simply is no substitute. Here are several examples of how The Feldman Agency creates money to help solve people's problems.

Deferred Compensation

Problem: The more a man makes, the more the taxman takes. The successful businessman may soon find that he has to earn two dollars in order to keep one. How can you "shelter" part of your earnings to reduce the tax burden, and yet make sure you'll have the income when you need it most?

Solution: By deferring part of your compensation until retirement, you can substantially reduce the tax bite, since at retirement you're likely to be in a much lower tax bracket. The Feldman Agency can put together a plan that guarantees income continuation for yourself and key individuals in your company. Such a plan will provide cash values for you, and death benefits for your family. Moreover, the plan will not have to be tax qualified with the federal government.

Estate Planning

Problem: How can a man keep what he has spent a lifetime accumulating? How can he make sure that the bulk of his estate is passed on to his family, and not to the government.

Solution: For many years The Feldman Agency has specialized in both creating and conserving estates. We're experts in using life insurance to create the cash needed to absorb the estate tax impact. For pennies on the dollar, we can help you, create instantly the cash you need to conserve what you've accumulated. The Feldman Agency can put together a program that will insure the distribution of your estate in the best interests of your family.

Buy-Sell & Stock Redemption Plans

Problem: A partnership form of business structure creates its own special set of problems. A jointly owned business is something like two men on a seesaw. As long as both partners are alive, they balance each other and the business runs smoothly. But imagine what happens when one partner dies. If your partner were to die, his widow would probably become your new partner. You'd want to buy her share of the business. But where is the money going to come from?

Solution: Many partnerships have agreements to buy each other out in the event of one partner's death. But what good is such an agreement without the money to buy The Feldman Agency can create a plan that will make sure that either partner will be able to buy out the other's interest in the event of death. We will develop a "seesaw insurance” plan designed to meet your needs. When one partner dies, the other buys. If your business is a corporation, rather than a partnership, The Feldman Agency can still use life insurance to fund Buy-Sell Agreements to fit your special situation.

Key Person Protection

Problem: What happens to a company the day a "key-man" walks out and never returns? Will the bank extend the same line of credit to the man or woman who takes his place?

Solution: Almost every business insures its equipment, buildings and most of its other assets. Yet it fails to insure its "money-making machine, the "keyman." Isn't skilled management your company's most valuable asset? The management ability of a keyman or woman can mean the difference between profit or loss. When a key person dies, your bank will want to make sure that your company will continue to meet its financial obligations. Key person insurance will create the cash needed to absorb the problems that arise when a key employee dies. Insuring your key personnel means insuring profits. The Feldman Agency can put together a package that will pay your company the full face value of the policy, and return all of the premiums, as well.

Business Insurance

Problem: What happens when a man's business is the bulk of his estate? You spend a lifetime building a business. You plow your profits back into the company to keep it growing, locking your assets up in bricks, steel and machinery. You owe little or no money at all. Yet the day you die, you may owe hundreds of thousands - even millions - of dollars. Those dollars you've locked up will have to be unlocked. Uncle Sam doesn't want bricks and steel. He wants cash, Liquidation may be the only way. And that could take your estate apart overnight.

Solution: If a man is willing to exchange a lifetime of effort for his estate, it should be worth keeping. The Feldman Agency can tailor a program to your needs to insure the continuation of your business. For example, a Split Dollar Contract. Your company sets up a special account into which it pays the insurance premiums. Our company sets up an account into which we place the face value of your insurance policy. Some day we will simply trade accounts. The proceeds will exceed what your company paid in premiums. And your company will not have to pay tax on the proceeds. The Feldman Agency is equipped to handle all of your company's insurance needs. For instance, a plan that will insure corporate credit or guarantee your company's continuity. We can put together a package to insure one year's profits, or even create a guaranteed market for your company.

Pension and Group Insurance Plans

Problem: The success or failure of a company depends heavily on the calibur of its employees.: To grow, a company must recruit and retain top notch management talent. One of the ways companies compete for executive talent is through employee benefit programs. But how can a company of modest size offer employee benefits that are competitive with those of large corporations?

Solution: The most attractive employee benefits are not 'necessarily the most expensive. The key to a successful employee benefit program is the ability to develop a plan which precisely fits the requirements of a particular company. A plan that will maximize employee benefits, and minimize the tax bill. The Feldman Agency has the ability and experience to compare and evaluate all of the different types of pension and group insurance: plans available, in order to design a program that's just right for your company. And when that program is in place, we won't just walk away. Instead, we'll continue to service your plan, making sure you take advantage of the latest developments in this changing field.

Personal Financial Planning

Problem: Guiding the destiny of a successful business isn't easy. Each day you're confronted With new financial, tax and insurance problems. Laws change. The economic environment changes. Yesterday's solution may not work today. It certainly won't work tomorrow. And while you're busy attending to today's business problems, what are you doing to plan for tomorrow? Have you made adequate provision for your retirement? And what happens to your family if something happens to you?

Solution: The future seems to have a way of getting here sooner than we expect. There never seems to be enough time to do everything we planned. You're an expert at managing your company. We're experts at helping you plan for a secure tomorrow for you and your family. The Feldman Agency, through its affiliate, Fremar Financial Group, works very closely with its clients to design financial programs that protect a man's family as well as his business. After all, why does a man work so hard to build a business? Isn't it for his family? When we sell insurance, we're really selling contracts for time and money. We can't guarantee you'll have the time to complete all of your plans, but we can guar- · an tee the money. If you do have the time, we'll give you your money back.

How can a man keep what he has spent a lifetime accumulating? How can he make sure that the bulk of his estate is passed on to his family, and not to the government. That's really the bottom line of all of the illustrations we've discussed. Isn't it ironic that a man will insure everything he owns for what it's worth except his life. How much are all your tomorrows worth? No one can give you more time. But we can give you the equivalent of time, in the sense that we can create the money needed to complete your plans. If it turns out that you do have enough time, the money we create will keep your family and business together. Certainly there's a price tag on doing something about these problems. But the price tag on doing nothing may be much higher. Somebody has to pay. If not you, then your family.